The Foundation

American Preparatory Education Foundation (APEF) is a non-profit organization that provides energy, focus, and expertise as it raises funds for capital improvements, program enhancements, and scholarships to students, parents, and educators connected with American Preparatory Academy (APA) schools. The foundation's mission is to enhance the APA experience for our students and to provide that experience for an increased number of students and families. 

Program enhancements

Some examples of program enhancements might include: 

  • Extra-curricular music, math, technology, and science programs that help students prepare for post-high school studies

  • Adult English language or literacy classes to help our students and their families participate fully in the APA culture and to be successful in their communities

  • College Prep programs and activities to increase college access, especially to first-generation students

  • After school clubs that enrich our students' experiences and broaden their skills

  • Funding for additional instructors and curriculum materials

Capital improvements

In response to the overwhelming demand for the APA experience, APEF will support APA's future physical expansion needs by soliciting corporate or foundation support. APEF will also develop funding for projects such as playing fields, physical education and team sports, and performing arts facilities. All donated funds will be administered directly by APEF. 
The Foundation also intends to solicit grants and contributions to assist with the construction of the schools in Lusaka, Zambia, and Kinshasa, DR Congo, which is part of our Africa Initiative. These funds will be administered directly by the Foundation through its employees or contractors, and not donated to a foreign organization.