2015 Annual Newsletter

American Preparatory Education Foundation Annual Newsletter

In 2015, the American Preparatory Education Foundation (APEF) had its most successful year yet.  Generous donations from parents, staff, and outside donors have increased teacher pay, secured scholarships, provided school supplies, funded academic clubs, constructed sports fields, and improved the overall educational experience for students at American Preparatory Schools in Utah and Nevada.  Below is a detailed report of the donations and expenditures.

Thanks to private and corporate contributions, APEF was also able to award scholarships to seniors, including the Salutatorian, Valedictorian, and Sterling Scholars from the graduating class of 2015. 

A Legacy Scholarship fund has also been created at the request of APA high school students.  This scholarship fund receives contributions from APA students and alumni and will pay for scholarships aimed at assisting APA graduates in their college tuition costs.

The APEF Governing Board expresses special thanks to every Builders Club member for providing ongoing, monthly contributions, regardless of size that are exclusively focused on teacher compensation so we can recruit and retain the best teachers in Utah

2015 Builders Club Donations

Our biggest campaign in 2015 was the launch of the Builders Club.  The greatest strategic challenge we face as we provide a world-class education to our students is to recruit and retain world-class teachers.  The market in Utah for teachers is very competitive and the funding for charter school students is lower that what neighborhood schools receive.  This is why the Builder’s Club, and its recurring monthly donations, is critical to our ability to recruit and retain the best teachers in Utah.  Long-term support, month after month, automatically deducted from a credit or debit card is the only reliable way to build our teacher reward fund. With your generosity, matching donations from local businesses, and our rigorous performance evaluation system we can ensure the best teachers receive the compensation they deserve and that your children receive the world-class education they deserve.  All parents who sign up for recurring monthly donations become members of the "American Prep Builders Club".

Builders Club Monthly Donation Receipts

Builders Club Number of Monthly Donations

Builder Club Recurring Accounts Created

2015 Draper 2 and West Valley 2 Musical Production

APA parents raised a total of $30,279.43 for the musical production of Beauty and the Beast.

2015 Robotics Class

Draper 2 provided an advanced Robotics class for high school students funded in part by APEF and Mr. Renya Kikuchi, Chairman of Learning Systems Co., Ltd. Japan.

2015 Spring Fun Run

The Draper 2 Spring Fun Run contributed to the APEF Hardship fund.

2015 Fall Festivals

Draper 1 focused their efforts on funding new playground equipment.  Draper 2 is discussing options for the funds raised through their Fall Festival.  Some suggestions are: soccer field enhancements and outside lighting.

2015 Draper 1 Emergency Preparedness Kit Drive

Draper 1 parents provided kits for all of their students in case of an emergency.

2015 Las Vegas School Supplies Drive

Las Vegas parents donated over $5,000 toward the purchase of school supplies for their brand new school.

2014 School Supplies Drive

At our first School Supplies Drive, all parents were encouraged to contribute $15 toward their student’s school supplies.  All proceeds were spent at the donor’s campus on school supplies.

APEF’s Student-Driven Fundraising Accounts

·      West Valley 2 Student Body Officer account through APEF has a balance of $1,986.29

·      The Ambassador Council account has a balance of $979.16

·      The Alumni/Community Relations account has a balance of $1,504.64

APA Clubs and Activities Fundraising Through APEF

·      Robotics

·      Science

·      Art

·      Film

·      Lacrosse

·      Shakespeare Festival

·      Dance Team

·      Men’s Basketball

·      Women’s Basketball

Again, we thank you.  We are so proud of our students, staff, and parents for working with us to change the world for the better. --  The APEF Board of Directors.

American Prep Builders Club


American Preparatory Academy works hard to provide the best possible faculty and staff for your children.  We know it is the most important aspect of our success!  Our teachers and staff put incredible energy and passion into their jobs.   If you have been involved in the school,  you will know that we ask a lot of them!  Yet they go way above and beyond even what is asked of them. Our students are the great beneficiaries of this incredible commitment.

It's no secret that teacher compensation does not reward our teachers adequately.   To us that is unacceptable when you are talking about the most important influence on our children's education. American Prep is committed to solving this problem and has decided that maybe there IS a more meaningful way to reward and retain our teachers, by supplementing the limited tax dollars we receive. We decided to harness the passion of all of our parents and provide an avenue for them to express their love and appreciation for all that their teachers and staff do for their children. This avenue is the American Prep Builders Club.

We know that our parents have a strong desire to show their appreciation to the people who "build" their children on a daily basis. Parental involvement in their child's education is the #1 factor for their success. So why not provide more avenues for parents to be meaningfully involved? 

What is your child's education worth? Some statisticians will say that a quality education can make million-dollar differences in a student's future. The American Prep Builders Club asks parents to participate in their child's education through one more avenue - by donating a monthly amount per student.  Whether this amount is $1/month/student, or maybe you feel like you can contribute the same amount that you are paying for your gym membership - the goal is to have 100% parent participation, regardless of the amount. This not only increases the odds of your student's success, but will provide American Prep with the needed seed funding to seek out larger matching funds from corporate and foundation donors and enable us to finally pay our teachers what they really deserve.

Donation Drive


Thank you for participating in the School Supply Donation Drive. This drive has ended but you can still donate to The Foundation to support our other initiatives.

American Prep Education Foundation is running a School Supply Donation Drive. The donations are for a set amount of $15. Please make one donation for each student you have enrolled at an American Prep School. With this structure, we can easily track parent participation, which is important as we write grants. Donors like to see strong parent participation rates, and this structure allows us to show exactly how many students were represented in this donation drive! Again, thank you SO MUCH for your participation!

Please click here to view the donations page which will allow you to make a donation through PayPal. You can also write out a check and mail to:

Utah Schools: 11938 S. Lone Peak Parkway Draper, UT 84020.
Las Vegas School: 6000 West Oakey Blvd., Las Vegas NV 89146

Please write the student name and campus name on the memo line of the check. Thank you!