American Prep Builders Club


American Preparatory Academy works hard to provide the best possible faculty and staff for your children.  We know it is the most important aspect of our success!  Our teachers and staff put incredible energy and passion into their jobs.   If you have been involved in the school,  you will know that we ask a lot of them!  Yet they go way above and beyond even what is asked of them. Our students are the great beneficiaries of this incredible commitment.

It's no secret that teacher compensation does not reward our teachers adequately.   To us that is unacceptable when you are talking about the most important influence on our children's education. American Prep is committed to solving this problem and has decided that maybe there IS a more meaningful way to reward and retain our teachers, by supplementing the limited tax dollars we receive. We decided to harness the passion of all of our parents and provide an avenue for them to express their love and appreciation for all that their teachers and staff do for their children. This avenue is the American Prep Builders Club.

We know that our parents have a strong desire to show their appreciation to the people who "build" their children on a daily basis. Parental involvement in their child's education is the #1 factor for their success. So why not provide more avenues for parents to be meaningfully involved? 

What is your child's education worth? Some statisticians will say that a quality education can make million-dollar differences in a student's future. The American Prep Builders Club asks parents to participate in their child's education through one more avenue - by donating a monthly amount per student.  Whether this amount is $1/month/student, or maybe you feel like you can contribute the same amount that you are paying for your gym membership - the goal is to have 100% parent participation, regardless of the amount. This not only increases the odds of your student's success, but will provide American Prep with the needed seed funding to seek out larger matching funds from corporate and foundation donors and enable us to finally pay our teachers what they really deserve.