American Prep families, 

Last week, one of our WV3 students suffered the sudden loss of her mother. Due to their familial situation, she is left to care for herself with the help of her brother, a 2020 APA graduate. They are responsible for all financial obligations and funeral expenses, as well as caring for younger members of the family.

We would like to help alleviate a a bit of their stress and financial burden. American Preparatory Education Foundation will be making a contribution to the family through our Hardship Fund. The Hardship Fund was developed for APA parents to help APA community members when facing a severe hardship. Funds in this account are distributed to APA community members as directed by the Board of Directors when they are notified of a critical need in the community. Needs may include costs for excessive medical care, funeral costs, or costs from other extreme situations.

We have also set up this fundraising platform, allowing our APA community to contribute to the family. To make a donation using a credit card, please click on the link to the left. You can also make a donation through Venmo using the ID @FriendsofAPA. Cash and check (made payable to APEF) donations can be left with your school’s secretary. These options will assist in providing donations with zero or reduced fees. Donors have the opportunity to donate anonymously if they wish. 100% of the donations received from our APA community for this fundraiser will go the family.

Please consider contributing any amount to help our APA family.  Your generosity and compassion are very much appreciated. Thank you.