The foundation will seek contributions of all amounts from individuals, businesses, foundations, and other charitable organizations. Donors will be able to designate the type of program or project to which their donation will be directed. For example, a number of small contributions might be solicited from within a school community to support a series of field trips for students at that school, a corporate sponsor might be asked to provide funding for a building addition or a school-wide sports program, or a charitable foundation could be solicited for funding English language classes for former refugees and their parents. There will also be times when special donations will be asked to go to Friends of APA.  


The foundation provides financial support for:

  1. Capital improvements

  2. Program enhancements at American Preparatory Academy schools

  3. Educational grants and scholarships to students, parents, and educators who are connected with American Preparatory schools or are implementing American Preparatory methodologies.

The Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors who have sole authority to select grantees and operate the Foundation within its exempt purposes. A small administrative staff will run the business affairs of the Foundation under the direction of its Board. Administrative and fundraising costs will be kept at a minimum and funded with contributions raised from corporate sponsors for that purpose.

African Initiatives

To adapt and implement a highly effective, proven school model that can be cost-effictively replicated in diverse African socio-economic settings to prepare students for productive vocations or university-level study so they can provide a secure future for their families and help build their societies.

American Preparatory Education Foundation (APEF) is a registered 501(c)(3) organization that supports the growth and success of the American Preparatory Education system, including the Africa Initiative.  Donations to APEF are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.  One hundred percent of donations to our African Initiative will be used to pay for the programs described.