Governing Board

Howard Headlee

Appointed in 2012, was an original founding member of the American Preparatory Academy charter school in Utah, and served as chairman of the APA Governing Board… read more

Gwendolyn Hortin

Appointed in 2020, researched many schools before finding what she was looking for at APA. Mrs. Hortin graduated with degree in Business Management from BYU…

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Stephen Smith

Appointed in 2020, is the parent of two daughters who attend APA. He owns a full-service video production company, working with clients like Little Caesars, Facebook…
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Kevin McVicar

The regional Educational Specialist for Audio Enhancement working with school and teachers to integrate audio and visual technologies in the classroom to improve the quality of instruction… read more

Brian Hanks

Appointed in 2020, has four children enrolled at APA after an exhaustive search for the best school fit for his children. Mr. Hanks has an undergraduate degree from BYU and a masters from the University of Michigan… read more

Peggy Daniel

Appointed in 2022

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Rachana Hegde

Rachana Hegde is a wife and mother of two wonderful children and is new to APA. She is a periodontist by profession and is the current President of Intermountain Society of Periodontists…

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