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$80/month per pupil will close the teacher funding gap between APA and local public schools

APA has incredible teachers that are the backbone of our school and help our students strive for excellence. Research shows that the most important factor affecting student learning is their teacher.

When students are placed with a high performing teacher three years in a row, gains in student achievement are significant. Not only does a superstar teacher improve student learning, but their influence also improves the chance the student will attend college.

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What Makes APA Different

APA offers an innovative small group learning experience. This requires more teachers in the classroom and it reaps extraordinary results, such as our Best High Schools U.S. News ranking. This requires a higher investment in resources than traditional institutions. 

Why does APA need my help?

  • Local school districts receive much more money per student than APA
  • APA can’t raise property taxes in order to compete, our only option is to turn to our families
  • The wealthiest school districts are waging a price war for our best teachers

Our teachers love and embrace APA’s approach to the learning experience, but salary is still a significant factor in where the best teachers choose to work.

APA Teaching Excellence fund

American Prep Academy is proud to announce the APA Teaching Excellence Fund, a private reserve that will sustain a stable and committed teaching staff, enabling your children to continue to flourish here at APA.

100% of your donation will fully go towards retaining APA teachers and staff. Your donation is tax deductible.

If everyone does what they can, we can compete, keep our best teachers and preserve the APA we love.

APA Teaching Excellence fund by the numbers


Thank you for your support of our amazing APA teachers and staff. If you’d like to make your contribution to the Annual Holiday Giving Campaign, please click on the button to the right. If your contribution is for the APA Teaching Excellence Fund, please complete the form below. Thank you.