RaiseRight fundraising

What is Raisright?


Do you do grocery shopping each month? Do you need gas for your car? Do you eat out frequently or even occasionally for you or your family? Do you love shopping at a lot of the popular stores like amazon, walmart/target, home depot, best buy, ulta or hundreds of other stores?

Then this fundraising is for you!

RaiseRight offers you the opportunity to shop at your favorite stores like normal, but each time you do so through RaiseRight, you also help raise money for APA. You lose no money, only help the school out by using RaiseRight to do your normal spending each day.

Check out how easy it is:

  • Using the school RaiseRight code, you can buy a gift card for yourself or as a gift for someone else. While you enjoy the full amount of the gift card you bought, the brand you bought it from gives a percentage of money to the school. 
  • You can receive the gift card as a physical card you hold, or receive it electronically to put into your phone
  • Once you get the gift card, either in the mail or electronically, you can then go to the store it was bought for, and then use the card money to pay for your purchases.

Frequently asked questions:


Does the money that goes to the school come out of the gift card money total?

  • Not at all. If you spend $100 on an amazon gift card for example, you get the full $100 amount in the gift card, and the brand you bought the card from takes care of the money to the school.

Is there a limit to how many gift cards I can buy?

  • You can buy as many gift cards as you like for yourself or for your family and friends.

How does the physical gift card get sent?

  • It can be sent to the school or for a small fee it can be sent directly to you. 

Is it better to use the gift cards instead of using my debit/credit cards for my expenses?

  • To help the school out, instead of budgeting your monthly groceries, gas, dining out, entertainment, clothing, home improvement and other things out of your bank account, you can buy these gift cards so you can still do everything you need while also helping out the school which in turn really benefits the students.

Popular brands for gift cards

For full brand list go to https://www.raiseright.com/brands

MacDonalds                           Uber

Amazon                                  Shell

Home Depot                           InstaCart

Starbucks                                Doordash

Ulta                                         Visa

Apple                                   Dominos Pizza

Panda Express                       JCPenny’s

Gap                                        Chipotle

Walmart                                 PetSmart

Panera                                   Disney

AirBNB                                  Chili’s

Bath & Body Works              Speedway

Target                                   Wholefoods

Maceys                                Southwest

Best Buy                              Subway

Buffalo Wild Wings              Footlocker


Marriot                       American Eagle

Old Navy                    Shutterfly

Outback                     Dairy Queen

CVS                           Cabellas

Zappos                       Nordstrom

Lows                           Nike

Roundy’s                     Regal

Taco Bell                     Sephora

Barns & Noble             XBox

Ihop                             The Childrens Place

Safeway                        Under Armor

Carnival Cruise            Scheels

BP                                 DSW

Texas Roadhouse          Red Lobster

Arby’s                           Cold Stone

Pizza Hut                      PetCo




American express             PlayStation

Hilton                          P.F. Changs

SiriusXM                    Walgreens

Freddy’s                       Einsteins

Big Lots                       Chevron

Shoe Carnival              AMC Movies

Olive Garden              Staples

Longhorn                     Golden Corral

REI                              Cinemark

Pottery Barn                 Sling

West Elm                      Cinnabon

Holiday Inn                  Ross

Delta                            Dicks

Chucky Cheese             Royal Caribean

Marshals                        Jamba Jiuce

UberEats                        Joanns


And HUNDREDS more!

2023-2024 RaiseRight fundraiser