Thanks to your support of APA and the APA Teaching Excellence Fund, the 2022 Fun Run was our biggest fundraiser ever!

We not only met our goal, we exceeded it! Thank you!





Funded: 130%  |  Goal: $40,000  |  Participants: 2,000+  |  Donors: 1,000+

Fun Run 2022


Thank you to everyone who made our 4th Annual APA District Fun Run a HUGE success!  With 2,000 registered runners, we had more participants than we’ve ever had. We set our sights high with the goal of raising $40,000 for the APA Teaching Excellence Fund, and we not only reached out goal, but we surpassed it, breaking our previous fundraising record by raising more than $52,000! We couldn’t have done it without the help of our students, teachers, staff, sponsors, and volunteers.



McKinley Carman, Ben Henderson, Camille Ludlow, Cambree Barrett, Lisa Stark, Gwen Knight, Phillip Miner, Richard Fillerup, Tricia Jordan, Cathie Adamson, Angie Lawrence, Cindy Lawrence, Carlene Dastrup, Laura Leavitt, Jodi Johnson, Julie Rodriguez, Carole Hollinger, Todd Christensen, Dan Bazan, and Holland Richardson. 

D3 SMILE CLUB: 5K Water Stop

Gabriel, Sophia and Thea Jimenez

Thank you Smile Club for hydrating and cheering on our 5K Runners! You truly brighten our school community through acts of kindness and service. 

APEF BOARD MEMBER VOLUNTEERS: Kevin McVicar, Gwendolin Hortin

VOLUNTEERS: Jill Smith, Marcie Sanchez, Lenka Becz, Kathy Larrabee, Calvin Harris, senthilkumar, Pilot Chandramohan, Marianny Gonzalez, Ravindra Dandothya, Sonali Dandothya, Jennifer Borruso, Doug Borruso, Sonal Patel, Suman Vasireddy, Alicia Wolverton, Thenmozhi Kaliyamurthy, Isabel Allende, Cody Salais, Amie Jacobson, Magda Hamon, Juan Rodriguez, Christa Beardall, Pat Porter, Nishy Sharma, Lauren Thornburg, Dorothy Roberts, Vinod Kumar, Ashish Sharma, Kellie Garrett, Laureen MacGregor, Zack MacGregor, Tina Porter, Giovanna Chavez


Platinum Level: Kevin Tschetter, Western OB/GYN, Dr. Matthew Swan, Warm Quest, MOTOXPERT 

Gold Level: Lance Paulson, FM 100.3, Karl Malone, AMYS Martial Arts, Independence Law, Education Systems

Silver Level: Tycoon Construction LLC, Center for Christian Therapy

Bronze Level: AK Pilates, Grateful Direct Primary Care

FM100.3 Team: Rusty Keys, Joey Roth, Stone Johnson, and Lee Forbert

Food Trucks: Fiore Pizza, Waffle Love, Cup Bop 

Thank you all for your contributions, time, and support! It is greatly appreciated!

Congratulations to all of our participants! And once again, thank you for making this our biggest fundraiser ever!

Michelle R. Goudge | APEF Executive Director

Jill Welch | Fun Run Race Director


1K Winners:

PreK-3rd Grade Boys

  1. Owen Paynter
  2. Keith Garrett
  3. Hampton Strickland

PreK-3rd Grade Girls

  1. Lucy Gorange
  2. Lucy Lewis
  3. Navya Manojkumar

PreK-3rd (in no particular order) and honorable mentions:  Arush Ray, Lincoln Semanoa, Tassel Sollapura, Did Ciamokho, Marcella Yamakawa, Celine Jorgensen

4th-6th Grade Boys

  1. Weston Davenport
  2. Barrett Lyle
  3. Isaac Powell

4th-6th Grade Girls

  1. Ryann Miller
  2. Vedha J.
  3. Ariana McGrail

 5K Winners:

4th-6th Grade Boys

  1. Ethan Sanchez
  2. Mason Goringe
  3. Gabe Chavez

4th-6th Grade Girls

  2. Jordyn Garrett
  3. Olivia Henderson

7th-12th Grade Boys

  1. Santiago Rodriguez
  2. Weston Neff
  3. Andrew Strugg

7th-12th Grade Girls 

  1. Sage Hanks
  2. Estella Rodriguez
  3. Kaihli Larrabee

Male Adults

  1. Gideon Brown
  2. Mr. Henderson
  3. Mr. Schouten

Female Adults

  1. Lauren Thornberg
  2. Mandy Woodhouse
  3. Kate Rathfon